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June 30, 2009

From Whoopee Cushions to Electronic Fart Machines: Why "The Hangover" Rocked!

The Hangover [Theatrical Release] by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Very rarely does a comedy have the ability to establish and sustain a consistent caliber of audience laughter for the duration of a film. Typically, these types of films come with high expectations, but are often fluffed with the magic, “Air of Potential.” Shortly after the head hits the pillow and dreams are condensed into reality, our minds wonder, 'What the fuck was that?'

The jokes are exhausted, the writing is lacking, or quite simply, the moral of the story is getting in the way of the comedy! Regardless, the funny is lost and audience expectations are deflated. For lack of a better term, let's call these films 'Whoopee Cushions.'

The Hangover, on the other hand, was far from a Whoopee Cushion. It was the Hansen 222 of electronic fart machines. In other words, the Grey Goose of the vodkas. The fart-kit came with a stealth black speaker (hide-able anywhere) and a WAY COOL remote control to ensure that a good fart-joke opportunity was never missed. Now anyone could, “Fire farts from afar!,” which is exactly what kids did. They took full advantage. They were always on the prowl to make at least one person laugh. The same concept holds true with The Hangover. The film was consistently funny. Every scene had at least one laugh. It might not have been the best laugh, but it was still a laugh. By the end of the film, I found myself, as well as the audience, laughing as hard, if not harder, at every joke than we were at the beginning of the movie. How often does that happen?

Beyond the laughs though, The Hangover exemplified fresh story telling through subtly employed techniques of film-trickery and through the palpable abundance of, “Attention to Detail”; a tone, which accurately depicts the secret to unlocking the ‘code’ of the story. But, what are you waiting on me for?


You’ll LOVE it! Well, maybe not ‘LOVE it,’ but you’re guaranteed to laugh! If not, I’ll happily refund the expense of your ticket.



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