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May 11, 2009

Dirty Laundry - A Short Film by Andrew Reynolds

Congrats to my brother, Andrew Reynolds for completing his student film!

Andrew is a sophomore filmmaker at Temple University in Philadelphia. "Dirty Laundry" was filmed as an extension for an original assignment, a 16 mm silent film, which was also entitled "Dirty Laundry."

Andrew's words: "My final film for Filmmaking. Shot on Bolex Rx5 with Black and White reversal 7266 Tri-x and 7265 Plus-X. All foley sound recorded with Marrantz solid-state recorder ME-80 shot-gun microphone. Thanks to everyone who helped out."

Below is the original assignment:

Andrew's words: "A 16mm Silent film, interior lighting project, foley sound to come."

Despite my family bias, I firmly believe that Andrew's progression as a young filmmaker is clearly evident - as exemplified by these two pieces of work, a before and after, if you will. In his later work, Andrew employs advanced visual and auditory techniques, which demonstrate an acute understanding of the process through which a filmmaker successfully creates the illusion of story through the medium of film.

Looking forward to seeing and sharing more of Andrew's work as he progresses.

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